The birth of a baby is the most beautiful experience in every woman's life. However, when it comes to young mothers, this experience often develops into unnecessary fear and insecurity, especially in the first weeks of the baby's life.

After giving birth in the recovery period and after that, a woman needs specific care and help with the baby, and that is why we came out to meet all young moms.

Minute Nurse home care and health care for mothers and babies has a team of experienced pediatric nurses, midwives and nursing nurses who will make sure that maternity and babies receive complete professional care in accordance with their needs and requirements.

Home care of the mother includes: breast care of the mother and emaciation, professional care of the breasts and nipples, breast massage, elimination of milk stasis in the milk ducts by hand or pump, assistance in the treatment of mastitis (inflammation of the breast), episitiomy care and wound care after caesarean section.

Home baby care includes, neonatal care, navel treatment and toilet, bathing and skin care, infant dressing and dressing.

Call us, because we are here to make your first days with your baby easier and make the beginning of the role of the mother the most beautiful experience in your life.

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