Difference of services of nurse, caregiver and gerontodomist it's not negligible.

Aging it is a natural phenomenon that cannot be avoided. It leads to numerous changes in the human body, including a decrease in physical and mental functions. However, with specialized care, the elderly can live in a healthy, happy and advanced age.

However, when it is mentioned care of old faces many are unsure if they should seek the help of a nurse, caregiver or gerontodomist.

Keeping this dilemma in mind MinuteNurse Home health & care reveals what is the difference between nurse, caregiver and gerontodomist services.

Nursing home care services

Difference of services of nurse, caregiver and gerontodomist it is first and foremost in education.

Nurses they are licensed to perform qualified medical care. There are several degrees of care that they can achieve in their education.

Difference of services of nurse, caregiver and gerontodomist

Secondary education of 4 years is the basic vocational training for working in medicine. Further training is carried out in academic and vocational studies. Academic studies, which last for 4 years, acquire higher education. At the end of the day, you will be awarded the title of qualified health care organizer. Professional Studies last for 3 years and bring the title of professional nurse.

The second degree of nursing education implies specialist academic and specialist vocational studies.

In home care nurses come, usually, at the behest of a physician in order to give patients prescribed therapy. They also play a significant role in monitoring recovery after surgery, illness or injury. Their most common tasks are infusion administration i giving injections at homewound dressing, giving enemas, stoma care, placement, replacement and extraction of urinary catheters Učestvuju participate in rehabilitation and physical therapy of patients recovering from stroke, severe injuries, amputation…

Caregiver services

Caregivers they provide assistance in daily life activities, such as assisting with dressing and maintaining personal morning and evening hygiene, assisting with bathing, going for medication, and administering prescribed medication. Then regular measurement of blood pressure, sugar in the blood, and if necessary, guidance to a doctor and escort when receiving treatment in health institutions.

Difference of services of nurse, caregiver and gerontodomist

Caregivers are also in charge of purchasing groceries and preparing meals, as well as keeping the space clean. In addition to care services, they also participate in the social life of clients, which includes not only socializing and walking, but also attention and understanding of their needs.

Exceptional dedication and care form the basis of the work of caregivers, which is why their occupation is justifiably considered one of the most humane.

The title of caregiver is acquired after successfully mastered training.

Gerontodomasty services

Gerontodomatice they provide assistance in the maintenance and proper functioning of the household. Which means that they are in charge of vacuuming and dusting, washing and ironing laundry and other tasks related to the hygiene of the living space. Take care of food, too. get food and prepare meals.

Difference of services of nurse, caregiver and gerontodomist

Their services include partial care of the client, and refers to the taking of therapy and the purchase of medicines.

The difference between nurse, caregiver and gerontodomist services also exists in the time of delivery. Unlike nurses, who only come for a few hours, caregivers and gerontodomists can provide care for the full 24 hours. Where the gerontodomists must come every day.

A care center for the aged and infirm, MinuteNurse Home health & care is distinguished by an experienced team of nurses, caregivers and gerontodomists.

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