Telemedicine or “remote treatment” is the use of communication technologies for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients located in another location. The need for this method of treatment increased during the pandemic, which led to the development of new technologies, among which is the telemedicine bracelet.

This innovation enables users to have twenty-four-hour care and constant monitoring of the patient’s condition through the application. The bracelet regularly measures vital parameters and constantly sends them to a mobile application for telemedicine or an internet platform, thereby providing monitoring. It has an SOS button, a GPS module, and it also has fall detection. A fall detector will automatically detect a dangerous event and alert caregivers and family, making daily activities safer.

It is intended for elderly people, patients who live alone, people with chronic diseases, pregnant women, etc. Minute Nurse allows you to use a telemedicine bracelet for health care and protection. All additional information can be obtained by calling our phone number.

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