The main activity of consumer nurses in the community is health education, education, information and education with the aim of health promotion and disease prevention, especially in the most sensitive periods of life. Patronage in the community is particularly focused on increased provision of care at a certain age, specific conditions and special life circumstances.

What are the tasks of the patrol service?

Some of these people need constant medical care at home and health control and prevention. The home healthcare service (which visits pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children) and patients with chronic non-communicable diseases is used by the patronage service. Nurses/technicians who work as community nurses are mostly nurses/technicians with a college degree or higher education specially trained for their job. They also visit patients who need home health care. In short, community nurses are not involved in home blood draws, dressing chronic wounds and palliative care. The visit is also made upon the announcement of the family doctor, at the invitation of the family, neighbors or beneficiaries.

Part of the visit is carried out by finding and monitoring a certain endangered population. Visiting nurses in the community are employed in health centers and actively participate in various other activities in health promotion and disease prevention. Their work is largely independent, and if necessary, they consult with family doctors and actively collaborate with nurses who provide health care at home.

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