1. Support activities in everyday life
To help patients continue their daily routine at home, we provide certified home health aides to assist with daily activities. These activities include bathing, grooming, dressing, walking, and more.

2. Care and support (long-term care) after working hours
We know that patient care does not end after normal working hours – through our “After hours” team we are able to provide uninterrupted care and offer evening care and night support as well as visits on weekends and holidays.

3. Continence care
Understanding the levels of discomfort and shame associated with incontinence, we offer comprehensive home care for in-home patients. Services include urinary catheter maintenance, toileting program and home accessibility assessments.

4. Infusion therapy
We provide a wide range of home intravenous therapy and nutritional support services for patients who have gastrointestinal disorders, congestive heart failure, cancer, or other conditions that require medication or nutrition with the help of intravenous therapy.
Our team includes nurses, doctors, pharmacists, dietitians who collaborate in providing the most effective care to patients at home.

5. Staying independent at home
Our medical social workers perform an initial in-home assessment to identify the patient’s limitations, barriers, and safety concerns and, together with the patient’s needs and physician, develop a care plan that meets their needs.

6. Medication management
In cooperation with the patient’s doctor, our nurses develop a medication schedule, evaluate the effectiveness of the medication and educate the patient and/or his caregiver about the correct dose, frequency and side effects.

7. Stoma care
Under the guidance of our certified wound care, ostomy and continence nurses, patients and their caregivers learn how to care for and live independently with a stoma.

8. Rehabilitation Nursing
After suffering a serious injury such as a burn, stroke or amputation, patients often need rehabilitative care to safely transition from a hospital or treatment center to home. In fact, the nurse will assess the patient’s ability and then develop a plan of care to address his or her individual needs.

9. Qualified care
To help patients gain independence and recover from injury MinuteNurse Home Care & Health Center, provides qualified nursing services. From medications and disease treatments to wound care and intravenous therapy at home, we provide a wide range of services tailored to the unique needs of patients.

10. Therapy and rehabilitation (physiotherapy, psychotherapy…)
Whether a patient needs physical, occupational or speech therapy, our team of highly trained rehabilitation specialists help patients improve strength, mobility, balance, speech and communication skills.

11. Wound care (dressing)
MinuteNurse Home & health care certified wound care nurses provide specialized care and education to ensure proper wound healing.

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