Daily personal hygiene is one of those terms that mean different things to different people, but everyone equally agrees on how important it is. Each aspect of hygiene listed below is important in different ways, and it enables older people who take care of their hygiene to live a better and longer life.

  • Hygiene means washing hands and safe food preparation.
  • Hygiene means efficient bathing.
  • Hygiene takes care of your teeth and gums.
  • Hygiene is also maintained, such as hair brushing, skin and nail care.

The most obvious and important reason for good hygiene is maintaining physical health. As we age, our immune system is not as strong as it used to be, which means that germs and viruses are enemies more than ever. Washing hands before handing over food and after visiting facilities, if it is not already a habit, should become one. Many medications common in the elderly cause the skin to become fragile, making it easier for germs to invade. Be careful in situations where germs may be abundant, such as hospitals or public transportation, and use disinfectants or antibacterial soap.

Mobility or balance problems can make bathing a problem and that’s when help should be sought. Bathing assistance is one of the best things to rent home health care products for. A good bath or shower is not a luxury, but a necessity. Proper cleaning removes bacteria that cause unpleasant odors and possible infections. By regularly examining the whole body, you are aware of any irregularities, and early detection of problems gives you the best chance to cure them. Finally, the invigorating feeling of cleanliness cannot be ignored. Don’t let pride get in the way of all the positives and get help if you need it.

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