24-hour care for the elderly in their home provides 24-hour support for caregivers without the need for a loved one to leave their comfort zone. Home care usually provides two carers in 12-hour shifts to cover day and night.

Moving an elderly parent to a nursing home is not your only option.

Live-in care and 24-hour home care can ensure that a caregiver is available to meet all personal needs—and provide senior companions—day and night in their own home. Socializing is known to improve the mood of older people and prevent loneliness and isolation that can lead to depression. According to WebMD, one in three older adults lacks companionship, and many feel isolated.

Looking at the age of loved ones is a difficult process filled with emotional decisions. As a family member or primary caregiver, you may see a loved one’s health decline and need to reach out for help. Not everyone who cares for a dependent, older adult is able to provide the necessary care; let alone 24 hours a day.

At MinuteNurse Home Care, we provide the assistance of professional caregivers to help families care for aging adults. 24-hour care for seniors in their own home provides 24-hour support to caregivers without the need for a loved one to leave their zone. comfort.

24-hour nursing home care usually provides two caregivers in 12-hour shifts to cover both day and night hours. In some cases, three caregivers will rotate at a time for 8 hours. One of the advantages of 24-hour care is the constant rotation of caregivers, which means that there is no time when the patient is not watching. A 2-3 person rotation ensures that the caregiver is always awake and ready to supervise the patient’s care.

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