The biological process of aging is inevitable and uncontrollable; often associated with diseases. However, there are many factors within your control that will help you extend your life and more importantly provide a quality life. Studies conducted in this field have concluded that aging is not necessarily the cause of disease, but rather the result of a lack of healthy lifestyle.

Although people can generally look forward to many years of good health, studies have shown that three-quarters of adults over the age of 65 live with one or more chronic diseases. That means an estimated 3.9 million people (39% of adults over 65). If preventive measures are not taken against these age-related diseases, projections show that by 2030, more than six million individuals will suffer from a long-term illness or disability.

In 2017, a study on life expectancy in older adults concluded that a healthy lifestyle can increase the life expectancy of men over 65 by 8 years and women over 65 by 10 years.

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