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Sloba Dželebdžić graduated from the secondary medical school „Nadežda Vilimanović-Janković“ in Čačak, and then from the Business School and the Faculty of Business Studies in Belgrade. She gained her first work experience as a nurse at the private polyclinic for plastic and reconstructive surgery „AiS clinic“ in Belgrade.

With her work, responsibility, and desire for knowledge, as well as her organizational skills, she was entrusted with the organization of the clinic at only twenty-one years of age. She continued her further training at the then „Bel Medic“ polyclinic.

Coming into contact with patients with different diagnoses, she expanded her knowledge and skills at the general hospital „Dr. Dragiša Mišović“ in Čačak, within the Intensive Care and General Surgery services, she gained knowledge and experience in monitoring patients’ vital parameters, as well as in postoperative surgical care and treatment of wounds, parenteral therapy.

He gained most of his knowledge and experience within the Institute for Orthopedic-Surgical Diseases „Banjica“, as part of the team of the Spinal Center Service, Bone Oncology Service, and Service for Orthopedic-Surgical Interventions.

She gained knowledge and experience in the care of immobile patients and in assessing the patient’s complete needs for health care in hospital and home conditions.

In addition, she acquired practical knowledge in many medical fields and successfully collaborated with doctors of various specialties, working in parallel in private practice and the state sector. Acquired rich and extensive knowledge, abilities, skills, and quality experience in work from different
he achieves in the field of medicine thanks to his will, work, dedication, responsibility, organization, and ambition.

He continuously improves his knowledge in various fields of informal education, where he acquires and achieves excellent results in organizational, leadership, presentation, and communication skills and health practice. In addition to experience in medical practice, he is also educated through numerous
seminars and lectures.

Formal and informal education, together with practical experience, formed a unique professional profile of Sloba Dželebdžić, who is always ready to work on personal development and the development of others through the exchange of experiences and suggestions, under the motto and with the desire to inspire people around her with her work and work and help them.

Thanks to her self-initiative, energy, and desire for innovation, she marketed her idea through the „Minute Nurse“ Organization.

It continues its mission and vision through the realization and maintenance of a high level of the „Minute Nurse“ Organization when providing health care services and cares for the elderly and sick in home conditions.

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